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Take control of your incoming payments

As a business, having an overview of your liquidity and access to cash are two fundamental needs. However, when you do business with other businesses, they may extend payment dates and months can pass before these customers pay for your products or services. This may undermine your cash flow.

The online solution DynamicPay can help you turn the situation around by giving you control of incoming payments.

Incoming payments overview

With DynamicPay
you get paid exactly
when you need it

DynamicPay is an online invoice payment solution that gives you an overview of your outstanding receivables, including the best offer for earlier payments. In exchange for an early payment, you will accept a discounted amount.

It is simple and flexible. As soon as your customers have accepted to pay an invoice, the payment will be displayed in DynamicPay, with the best offers for early payment. You choose which payments you want early payment for and accept the discount. The payment will take place the following day. This means you can always choose to receive a payment when you need it.

DynamicPay removes the need for more complicated sources of finance.

How it Works

  • 1

    Send your invoices to your customers exactly as you do it today.

  • 2

    Once approved by your customer, the payments will appear in DynamicPay and you will have a full overview of your options.

  • 3

    Choose which invoices you want early payment for or do nothing and receive your payment on the due date.

Benefits of using DynamicPay

There are several benefits in using DynamicPay.
Watch this short film to learn more.

Incoming payments overview in DynamicPay

Do business on your terms

See your incoming payment the minute it has been approved by your customer.

You no longer need to call your customers about the payment of an invoice, if they use DynamicPay. Simply log on to get a complete overview of your incoming payments, including your opportunities to receive early payments.

No effect on banking activity or credit rating

DynamicPay is a private payment facility, and it does not affect your credit rating or the financial reputation of your business.

Dynamic discounting details in DynamicPay

Totally transparent, with no hidden charges

All incoming payment information pieces are displayed in a smart overview including the payment date, the payment amount, the currency, and the customer’s discount rate.

Real-time notifications on your incoming payment activity

Whenever your customers approve an invoice, DynamicPay will notify you immediately.

Take an active role in managing your cash flow

  • DynamicPay payments total

    If you want to know your cash situation on a specific date, just click the date.

  • DynamicPay payout available

    If you require a specific amount, enter the amount and DynamicPay will filter the most suitable invoices for you.

  • DynamicPay incoming payment overview

    All incoming payment activities are displayed in real time, making it easy to track the status of each invoice payment.

you’ll love it

DynamicPay is designed to help ease your workload and does not need to be technically integrated in your accounting system.

DynamicPay gives you an instant cash overview.

Great news for your customers

Now dialogue on payment dates and early payment possibilities will be handled simply and easily via DynamicPay. Thereby you and your customers can focus on real value creation.

Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to support you, thereby gaining a healthy supply chain. When you run a steady business that thrives and grows, your customers are happy, too.